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Harness the power of AI in Sheets.

Use ChatGPT in Google Sheets

Connect prompts between cells & automate the work you do in ChatGPT

All the features you need (and more)

SheetMagic comes packed with all the features that let you use AI & browse the web within Google Sheets!

Works in all languages

If you give the prompt in any language that ChatGPT uses, it will work for you!

Browse the web

Input URLs into SheetMagic and get the full page content back, so you can interact with it using AI!

Scraping capabilities

Scrape the top results on search engines, content from websites, and interact with it using AI!

No markups

By using your own OpenAI API key, you can ensure you're getting the cheapest price on usage.

Unlimited usage

Just add in your OpenAI API key, and you can create as much content as you want without limitations.

Built for teams

We've added multiple plans where you can use SheetMagic with your entire team or organization.

Combine cells

Want to link cells together for one prompt? You can do it with SheetMagic!

Simple to use

All you have to do is call the function =AI("Your Prompt Here") and you will get a response in a second or two!

Prompt Library

We've collected a list of effective prompts that are included for free with your purchase!

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Get your questions answered

Yes! You can use the function =visit(“YOUR URL”) and SheetMagic will return all of the page content for that specific URL so that you can interact with the page using AI – all within Google Sheets!

With SheetGPT you can give a specific URL (or multiple URLs) of a website and get information from that site.

=visit(“URL”) Visits a URL and returns all of the content on that page (which you can then interact with using AI)

=serp(“SEARCH QUERY”) This will return the top 20 search results from DuckDuckGo in a table with the URL, meta title, and meta description.

=getMetaTitle(“URL”) This will return the meta title for a given URL

=getMetaDescription(“URL”) This will return the meta description for a given URL

=getH1(“URL”) This will return the H1 for a given URL.

=getH2(“URL”) This will return any H2s on a page for a given URL.

=getHeadings(“URL”) This will return all the headings on a page for a given URL.

=getp(“URL”) This will return all paragraphs wrapped in a <p> tag for a given URL.

=pagedata(“URL1”, “URL2”) This will get a lot of the page data listed above for a list of URLs and put it into an organized table for you.

ALL of these functions are able to be used in an unlimited fashion in the lifetime deal. No other software allows for unlimited usage like this.

None of the new functions mentioned above will use any AI credits from OpenAI either so it comes at zero additional cost to you.

Unlimited! We allow you to connect to your own OpenAI key which ensures you’re getting the best price on AI content without markups.

The biggest differentiator right now is that SheetMagic allows you to do web browsing within Google Sheets.

This allows you to input any URL and SheetMagic will return with all of the content on the page, allowing you to interact with it with AI. Super beneficial as it allows you to get more recent data (OpenAI is limited to data from 2021).

Also allows you to do some interesting things with web scraping + AI and helps you get creative with some SEO tasks.

All languages work within SheetMagic. If it works in ChatGPT, it will work in SheetMagic.

  1. Open SheetMagic in Google Sheets
  2. Set up your OpenAI key
  3. Start using AI in Google Sheets with the function =ai(“Prompt Here”)  

Yes, it is available as an upgrade during the checkout process!