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SheetMagic Affiliate Program

Earn up to 40% recurring commissions as an affiliate!

Rated 4.8/5 stars   (170+ reviews)

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The more customers you refer us, the more we will pay you 🙂

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Rewarding lifetime commissions

The more customers you refer us, the more we'd like to pay you 🙂

  • Bronze Tier 20% commissions

    For your first 5 customers you refer us is a test run. You get 20% commissions.

  • Silver Tier 30% commissions

    After 5 total customers referred, you get bumped up to the silver tier with 30% commissions.

  • Gold Tier 35% commissions

    After 20 total customers referred, you get bumped up to the silver tier with 35% commissions.

  • Platinum Tier 40% commissions

    Only reserved for the best of the best. If you send us 20+ customers for 3 consecutive months, we'll bump you up to this tier.

Amazing AI features to promote

SheetMagic is designed to enhance your Google Sheets tasks, no matter what they are.

Use AI in Sheets

Generate bulk AI content easily

Create AI Images

Generate bulk AI images in Sheets

Scrape the web

Input URL's and get content back

Scrape search results

Get search results in Google Sheets

No coding required

Everything is made for ease of use

Link to cells in AI prompts

Use AI on existing data in your Sheets

Built for teams

Share SheetMagic across your team

Works in all languages

Use in any country in any language

Zero markups

Ensure the cheapest prices by attaching your own OpenAI key

Unlimited usage

Add in your own OpenAI API key and you can create unlimited amount.

Customers love us for a reason

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us.

Paco B.
Paco B.
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SheetMagic is a gem
SheetMagic is truly a gem for those of us working in SEO. It's radically changed our content creation process and drastically reduced our need for manual writing.
Giorgio S.
Giorgio S.
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Google Sheets on RocketFuel!
Great simple app that makes using ChatGPT inside Google Sheets easy peasy. Started playing with it right away to help us fetch data from a website and then write a simple icebreaker couple of lines for cold outreach.
Robin W.
Robin W.
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Bulk Data Summaries
I bought this to handle bulk reviews to allow it to sum it up. Then turn it into marketing content. It took me a bit to set it up but once it was up and running it was pretty smooth.
Bob Gatchel
Bob Gatchel
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Pleasant Surprise for SEO!
SheetMagic fills a need I didn't know I needed, especially in helping me use ChatGPT to accelerate my SEO workflow! It has really REALLY filled a big gap that I and my team needed.
Rohin D.
Rohin D.
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Easy & awesome tool
Love this tool for AI content creation. No technical stuff is required and you can play directly inside Google Sheets. Plus their web scraping feature is super cool too.
Ale A.
Ale A.
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Spreadsheets on Steroids
We rely heavily on Google Sheets for our marketing and sales operations. SheetMagic is an excellent tool for organizing & repurposing content for our products.

Your questions, answered

Here's answers to common questions about the SheetMagic AI affiliate program

Why refer us?

AI is extremely hot right now and a lot of people want to try out new & upcoming AI tools.

This means conversion rates are really high just for the industry we are in.

Along with that, our landing pages have insanely high conversion rates. We keep the checkout form above the fold and it's to the side of your screen, so it is always in view, which through our testing has proved to convert much higher than taking customers through an entire funnel.

What is minimum commission payout?

Minimum commission payout is $150. We process payouts manually, so you will need to request your payout when you are above the threshold.

Can I read the affiliate terms & conditions?

Do users need to attach their own OpenAI API Key?

Yes, this is required.

By using your own OpenAI API key, you can ensure you're getting the best price on usage and not paying silly markup fees.

It also allows us to offer you unlimited AI usage.