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This will allow you to get more specific about exactly what you are looking to scrape on a webpage!

We want to make the SERP scraping function better with more abilities to skip ads, and more options on how many results you’d like to scrape. 

We’re looking at creating another AI function that automatically maps a list from ChatGPT to the cells below.

For example, if you typed =GPTLIST(“List 5 vegetables”), it would populate the 5 cells below it with the list. You could replace “List 5 vegetables” with any prompt.

Whether you need a list of project ideas, grocery items, or anything else, the GPTList function has got you covered.  

Another scraping function that allows you to scrape images from a specific URL. It will likely put all the <img> tags in a cell so you have access to all the images on the page. 

This will require some research and development but we’ve had a lot of good recommendations on improving the tool for SEO specifically, so we will be adding more functions that help you analyze keywords from external sites, summarize other sites, and potentially get semantically related keywords to a parent keyword. 

We just released “Safe Mode” which helps you use SheetMagic for bulk processing in a better way. Safe Mode also caches your responses in a new way which helps some other errors we were having with Google’s default cache.

To see a full list of our recently released features & bug fixes, visit our Changelog

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