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SheetMagic 2.0 – See what’s new!

Published by Curran Van Waarde

SheetMagic 2.0 is officially released!

We are extremely excited to finally have this new update out and with it, you’ll see a lot of improvements to the SheetMagic product.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Official Google Workspace Addon: This will let you use SheetMagic on any sheet rather than only on the template that we provide you!
  • AI Images: You can now create AI images with the =aiimage() function
  • Proper User Management: Now you will be able to give access to your team with a SheetMagic license key and properly revoke access if need be!
  • Improved Stability: We have improved the process of adding your OpenAI API key so it gives less errors and doesn’t require you putting your API key publicly in the fallback area.
  • Error Reduction: We are working on a big feature which will allow you run AI commands in bulk with much less errors than before!
  • GPT4 Vision: You can now use the GPT-4-Vision API within SheetMagic!

One other change we had to make was depreciating =ailong() function. Unfortunately that workaround didn’t jive with the Google Workspace Addon environment, but we will be creating another workaround which should be working by mid-late March!

If you want to take advantage of all the new options, just head over to our Google Workspace Marketplace Listing and install the addon

So what’s next?

Getting the Google Addon out was a huge lift and took a lot of back & forth getting it approved through Google. We’re excited to have this behind us because it allows us to focus on more features that can benefit you.

Here’s some features we are considering adding next:

  • =GPTList() function: This function lets you ask the AI for a list of things. Instead of putting everything in one cell, it will fill out the list down into different cells, one item per cell.
  • Improved =SERP() function: we want to create a more dynamic way to grab information from search engine result pages instead of being limited to immediately showing 20 top results
  • Scrape Image Links: We’re creating a function that will only look for image links on a page and scrape all of them, as requested by a user!

Thank you for being a customer and we’re so glad you are enjoying SheetMagic so far 🙂

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