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Google Sheets AI

AI + Web Scraping
in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

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Top 5 SheetMagic use cases

1. Write bulk product descriptions or ad copy

No need to hire a copywriter or assistant to do this. With SheetMagic, create bulk product descriptions or ad copy in under 10 minutes for thousands of products using your existing product data and customized prompts.

Get the top search results (with links and meta info) directly in your spreadsheets in a clean format. Use that data for competitor research or scrape each site and use AI to generate similar SEO-optimized content that you could website.

Enhance your sales strategy with SheetMagic! Utilize this Sheets add on to automatically generate personalized sales emails and enrich lead lists by scraping your leads websites in your sheets. Optimize your outreach and lead generation effortlessly, all from one powerful tool.

Elevate your data gathering with SheetMagic! Scrape full pages, headings, or specific elements directly in your spreadsheet. Utilize over 10 scraping functions to receive accurate data in a cell, saving you hours compared to manual collection.

Boost your SEO with SheetMagic! Use AI to create tailored datasets for mass page creation on WordPress or any CMS. Simplify content strategy and increase traffic efficiently.

Ready to unlock ChatGPT in Google Sheets?

Install SheetMagic now to experience the magic!

Use ChatGPT on Google Sheets

Automate GPT in a programmatic way without ever needing to code or hire a developer!

Supercharge your spreadsheets

SheetMagic is designed to enhance your Google Workspace tasks, no matter what they are.

Use AI in Sheets

Generate bulk AI content easily

Create AI Images

Generate bulk AI images in Sheets

Scrape the web

Input URL's and get content back

Scrape search results

Get search results in Google Sheets

No coding required

Everything is made for ease of use

Link to cells in AI prompts

Use AI on existing data in your Sheets

Built for teams

Share SheetMagic across your team

Works in all languages

Use in any country in any language

Zero markups

Ensure the cheapest prices by attaching your own OpenAI key

Unlimited usage

Add in your own OpenAI API key and you can create unlimited amount.

Customers love us for a reason

Don’t take our word for it, see why our customers think SheetMagic is the best AI tool for Google Sheets.

Paco B.
Paco B.
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SheetMagic is a gem
SheetMagic is truly a gem for those of us working in SEO. It's radically changed our content creation process and drastically reduced our need for manual writing.
Giorgio S.
Giorgio S.
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G-Sheets on RocketFuel!
Great simple app that makes using ChatGPT inside Google Sheets easy peasy. Started playing with it right away to help us fetch data from a website and then write a simple icebreaker couple of lines for cold outreach.
Robin W.
Robin W.
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Bulk Data Summaries
I bought this to handle bulk reviews to allow it to sum it up. Then turn it into marketing content. It took me a bit to set it up but once it was up and running it was pretty smooth.
Bob Gatchel
Bob Gatchel
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Pleasant Surprise for SEO!
SheetMagic fills a need I didn't know I needed, especially in helping me use ChatGPT to accelerate my SEO workflow! It has really REALLY filled a big gap that I and my team needed.
Rohin D.
Rohin D.
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Easy & awesome tool
Love this tool for AI content creation. No technical stuff is required and you can play directly inside my spreadsheets. Plus their web scraping feature is super cool too.
Ale A.
Ale A.
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Spreadsheets on Steroids
We rely heavily on Google Sheets for our marketing and sales operations. SheetMagic is an excellent tool for organizing & repurposing content for our products.

Your questions, answered

We've answered every common question about SheetMagic below.

What AI models does SheetMagic use?

You can use GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, Dall-E 3, and GPT-Vision. We will also include all new AI models in your plan as OpenAI new machine learning models.

Do I need to attach my own OpenAI API Key?

Yes, this is required.

By using your own OpenAI API key, you can ensure you're getting the best price on usage and not paying silly markup fees.

It also allows us to offer you unlimited AI usage and unlimited formula creation.

Is there a setup guide after purchase?

Yes. There's a quick set-up guide for advanced users and a detailed, step-by-step guide for beginners who are newer to AI and automation.

Setup takes ~3 minutes and includes a template document for you to get started with the add-on.

How do I automate repetitive tasks and use this AI tool?

With SheetMagic it is simple to use AI on Sheets to replace needing to do manual tasks. Just replace the prompt & type this into any cell:

					=ai("Your prompt here")

...and once you click enter, you'll get your response back from the formula.

You can also reference other cells in the prompt and use AI on your own existing spreadsheet data.

Learn more about ChatGPT in Google Sheets

Do you offer refunds?

After you've got access to the SheetMagic, you can immediately start using AI in sheets and cannot be refunded.

But rest assured, users of SheetMagic typically save a few hours in their first use of SheetMagic and can be canceled at any time directly in your account portal.

How is this Sheets add-on unlimited?

For AI, you can use this an unlimited amount by attaching your own OpenAI key. This means you will pay for API usage to OpenAI, but it is extremely affordable and you can set spending limits through their platform.

For scraping, you can scrape unlimited amount and it does not cost anything additional.

If I pay for ChatGPT plus, will I still need an OpenAI API key?

Yes. ChatGPT plus is separate from their API product, so you will need to get a key and pay for any API usage.

Does the scraping use any OpenAI tokens?

No, it does not use the Open AI API at all and will not cost you anything additional.

What scraping features does SheetMagic offer?

Here's a list of our scraping functions:

					=visit("URL") Visits a URL and returns all of the content on that page (which you can then interact with using AI)

=serp("SEARCH QUERY") This will return the top 20 search results from DuckDuckGo in a table with the URL, meta title, and meta description.

=bulkserp("SEARCH QUERY") Gets top 5 search results from DDG and puts them horizontally.

=getMetaTitle("URL") This will return the meta title for a given URL

=getMetaDescription("URL") This will return the meta description for a given URL

=getH1("URL") This will return the H1 for a given URL.

=getH2("URL") This will return any H2s on a page for a given URL.

=getHeadings("URL") This will return all the headings on a page for a given URL.

=getp("URL") This will return all paragraphs wrapped in a <p> tag for a given URL.

=pagedata("URL1", "URL2") This will get a lot of the page data listed above for a list of URLs and put it into an organized table for you.

What's the difference between you and [x] AI tool?

Usually the biggest difference is that we offer unlimited scraping and unlimited AI usage.

Most other tools for AI in Google Sheets don't offer scraping at all and a lot of other options limit you in features/outputs/etc. unless you upgrade to a higher plan.

With SheetMagic, you get every feature with unlimited usage, all in one plan.

How do I add more users to my account?

Give them your SheetMagic license key and when they use it on Google Sheets, they will automatically be added into your account and fill up a slot on your team.

What all can I do in SheetMagic?

There are tons of ways you can use AI in Google Sheets and truly it is up to your own creativity.

Here's a few ideas:
- Write bulk product descriptions
- Analyze bulk data and summarize it
- Write content for SEO
- Create a dataset for programmatic SEO purposes
- Summarize and analyze customer feedback
- Scrape search results & webpages
- Do anything you would repeatedly do in ChatGPT

The options are endless.

If you're reading this, chances are you've got ideas bouncing around and you're ready to make a move. Buy SheetMagic now and you can put those ideas to work.

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